November 22nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

The Podiatrist and a Much Newer Really Cool Fluoroscope

When I headed off for my nap, the phone alarm for pills was just under two hours away so I let it be the alarm for getting up. I came back and read LJ and ML. The project I worked on is here -- I mentioned my awful drawing in another comment and Jacque asked me if I had pictures to show. I did, but I also showed some of my beadwork, because I'm good at that. I read the paper and read in bed from 3am to 4am and got up at noon.

I got to the podiatrist early and I showed him the problems on both feet and he took me to a computerized fluoroscope with a touch screen -- that was so cool! -- and basically both problems are inflammation. He said he would normally say to use NSAIDs, but... so he gave me instructions for a contrast bath: a bucket of cold water, a bucket of warm water, and move back and forth every three minutes for three times each night for a week. He also thinks the inflammation is partially due to my gout; it commonly affects those areas. I'll mention that to the rheumatologist next week.

Spirit beat me over here to the computer when I got home, this is really becoming habit for her. The cat blankies are in the laundry.

I don't know if you've heard of the trial of Ingmar Guandique for killing Chandra Levy. He was convicted guilty of first degree murder today. I think he did kill her, but I would have said there wasn't enough evidence. Apparently the only evidence the jury believed was testimony from his jail roommate who said that Guandique told him he'd killed Levy. I don't believe testimony from jail folks that often. The reason there wasn't more evidence was because DC police screwed up when they worked on it.

A boy from the city's high school was killed on Friday. Remember when I told you the councilman said the sex shop would bring crime? Well, it was gang members that did that. Then people who were thought to be part of the boy's gang grabbed someone from the gang that killed him and they tried to kill that person and didn't. I think gangs are a much larger problem than a shop that sells lingerie, lotions, and DVDs.

Today's article on Hidden Guns is about people who killed police officers and then felt guilty.

Politically, the middle of the country is moving farther away from the coasts. Here's an interesting chart of the 63 districts that changed: "those districts tend to be older, less educated and less diverse than the national average."