November 10th, 2010

20111112, Marilee


I brought calamari home from Carrabbas yesterday and plan to have it tomorrow. On the way home, with the lights all having spiky halos, the planes heading to Dulles looked like Space Squid. And in the book I'm reading, there's a calamari description I've never seen:

"Done with currants, or something, and the garlic was so transparent it looked shaved. Tomatoes, olives and couscous completed the dish."

I have a lot of those and I bet I could make that if I knew where to buy squid locally.
20111112, Marilee

Less Pain After Movement

Last night I sat in the recliner and watched TV while I petted Spirit. I normally take trash and recycling out on Wednesday so I'd get up every now and then to get stuff and then fall back into the chair. I'd read a lot of the paper at Vision Care, so I finished it during late news. Then I realized that I hadn't had the rehydration fluid and watched one of the shows I'd taped earlier. I got to bed to read about 1am and read until 4:30am. I set the alarm to 1pm, but when it went off, I just turned it off and slept until 2:30pm.

I had so much pain by the time I went to bed that I could barely walk or move my left hand (particularly the base of my thumb). The base of the thumb was just as bad in the morning but is better after movement. I took the trash and recycling out and then realized that I'd forgotten to bring my lab sheet. I drove back to my condo and got it -- I'd left it on the computer desk instead of the little table by the foyer -- and headed on to Kaiser. The tech who is very bad at the computer -- particularly with more than one doctor and more than one or two labs -- took 30 minutes to print the stickers for the vials and then handed me my lab sheet back. She'd noted that she couldn't find two, so I showed that to the tech who was going to take my blood and she found them. It takes a while to pull nine vials of blood and send me for a speciman, so I was there 55 minutes.

On the way out, I was sitting in the van and couldn't find my keys. I went through all my pockets and when I couldn't find them, I was really worried. Then I saw them in the ignition. I would have had to use them to get into the van. My brain is truly losing it.

I picked up food at Popeye's because I was not ready to cook here. When I first got home and was turning on lights and closing shades, Spirit came out from under her end table yelling at me. I was pretty sure she wanted to sit on me, and she was very happy when I sat down; she jumped up and sat on me while I ate.

Remember I told you about the Republican candidate for Maryland Governor had 50,000 Democrats get a robocall saying the governor had already won and they didn't need to go vote? Well, it's worse. They were almost all black Democrats.

And an excellent cartoon by Tom Toles about Obama's trip to Indonesia.