November 7th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Changing Time

My alarm clock takes the feed from the Observatory, so I always change other clocks to match it. It changed the season that way last night, so before I went to bed, I changed almost everything that needed changing. The toaster oven has a weird procedure and I'll have to get the instructions.

Last night I was more careful about the burn and the heating pad was okay. I still think I'll look for a new one. I read the paper and then watched two of the shows I'd taped on Friday. I got to bed at 1:30am and read until 6:30/5:30am. I set the alarm for 1pm and just turned it off and got up at 2:30pm. I've been taking two of the narcotic pills with night meds and I think that may be making me sleep longer. I'm going to try just one tonight and see if I stop hurting enough to go to sleep and can still get up at a reasonable time.

The burn had even less fluid this morning, so it looks like I can let it get better by itself. As usual on Sundays, I watched Meet the Press while I read the front pages of the WashPost sections. I'm washing bed linen and as usual, Junie and Loki are unhappy that they don't have the nice sheets to sit on. I think they like the duvet.

Hmmmm, the food machine just dispensed. Apparently it knows to change time, but it doesn't say anything about that in the instructions. In any case, the cats are happy.

Radioactive Rabbit