November 6th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Very Similar

Friday was a lot like Wednesday. Thursday night I was online late enough that when I watched the tape of one show and read the paper, I got to bed to read at 3:30am. I planned to finish at 5am and set the alarm for 1pm. However, I managed to read until 5:30am and then went right to sleep.

I got up when the alarm went off and although my hands don't hurt as much today, the feet make it very hard to walk. I went to get my left visual fields and waited half-an-hour reading the first section of the WashPost. The tech told me she'd had to help a doctor with an emergency and I told her it was okay. And it was, because I was out of there late enough that I got traffic on the way to where I usually get off the interstate and go south, which meant I could eat at Carrabbas, which opens at 4pm. I usually have the margharita pizza, which I did, and a house salad, but I decided to try "poppers" which were listed as having risotto, sausage, and peppers in them, and marinara sauce for dipping. It was definitely not risotto and while it wasn't bad, I won't order it again. I started feeling more and more sleepy on the way south.

I was still in so much pain and exhaustion when I got home that I brought the mail in and went back to sleep again. I had the VCR watch shows and I got up 3.5 hours later at 9pm. I've been online but Spirit has cried Lonely a couple times, so I went over to sit with her during the news and read the rest of the paper. When I finished, I came back over here.

When Junie and Loki came to live with me, she was named Junie B. I googled and that turns out to be a character in a children's book series. I just call her Junie, but a children's theatre is having a show based on one of the books: Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.

There was a very succinct letter to the WashPost yesterday, and I quote it in full: So we had an election. It's now Wednesday, and the economy is still bad. I say we throw these bums out, too!

John Turner, Centreville, Md.

For the first time ever, Alabama has elected a black woman to Congress.

And a nice Tom Toles cartoon showing Boehner's plans.
20111112, Marilee

A Burn

This recliner company doesn't have heat and vibration anymore, so I use a heating pad in the chair. Last night it felt a bit hot in one place but I didn't want to move Spirit on my lap so I could move the heating pad. After I came over here and wrote the post, the heat was still there so I put my hand up under my top and there's a big blister -- second degree burn -- there. And right above it, scabs. I'd been waking up some mornings with what looked like a mole under my fingertips and open skin. It's itchy around that area so the next time I saw my primary, I was going to ask to see the dermatologist. It's time for the regular scan, anyway, and I thought if she took this mole off, then I wouldn't keep taking it off myself. And now it turns out to be burns from the heating pad. It's just one part of it that hurts and normally if it does hurt, I move that part. But maybe I should get a new heating pad. Today the blister is a bit less full, but still has fluid in it.

After I was online last night, I went to bed at 3:30am to read. I planned to read until 5am, but read until 6am. I went right to sleep and didn't set the alarm so I woke up at 4:30pm. I marked next week's TV Guide, went through the coupons, and made the grocery list for Monday. I really hope they have the kitty litter. Lasting the whole week with what the big kitties have will be very difficult.

I realized that the food machine doesn't know what date it is -- so either I reset all three times, or the cats just get food an hour later than now, compared to my time. I'm letting them get it later.

Maryland is massively Democratic, so the run for governor isn't that big a problem. Unless, Tuesday afternoon, a robocall goes to 50,000 Democratic voters and tells them that the Democratic governor has already won, so they don't have to go vote. The firm that did it says it was counter-intuitive, meant to get Republicans out. Yeah, right. The Maryland AG is investigating to see if the call was fraud and voter intimidation, which are both illegal.

I see scooters around a few times a week, but apparently there's a lot of them at colleges. A Maryland football player got both of his legs broken recently -- no helmet, no light, but the right of way -- when a woman drove across in front of him. The coaches would like to ban the scooters, but can't. A school officer at UW-Madison set up rules, found in a pamphlet and online, and they're having a lot fewer accidents.