November 1st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Lots of Pain

Last night, walking to the door (not that often), my ankle started to hurt. I figured sleeping would help and today would be better, but it's not. And everything from my wrists to my fingertips hurt, too. If it's still like this tomorrow, I'll just vote and come home.

I didn't get too many trick-n-treaters -- in fact, I was having the last ones take handfuls -- and only a few were little. There were two costumed adults who came to the door to get their little one to come close and I offered them some, and the rest were all tweens. This kind of surprised me since we have four new kids in just our little section of 10 condos and none of them came. I have probably 25 of those fun size bars and I don't know what to do with them.

Earlier, I was replying to an email and had one of those being-surrounded-by-cotton-and-away-from-the-world bits for about five minutes. I went to bed for about 90 minutes and am back to normal now. I'm having enough neural stuff that I'm a little worried that the MRI will actually show something.

John Scalzi has an election short story on his web.

The WashPost has gone out and asked scientists and writers which SF books are classics. I don't think any of those are.

The Post also has pictures of the Rally signs they liked best.

Comic-Con's passes aren't for sale until next Monday because it isn't working (and they don't know why).

And finally, two follow-ups to earlier posts:

The Hidden Guns triple-day article got a letter to the editor yesterday and it was going on about how you can't count guns that police get and so forth. But the WashPost didn't do that, and it turns out the letter author is the owner of the gun shop that sells the most guns used for crimes in Virginia.

This opinion, written by a historian and professor of African-American studies, gives us real-time words from the Civil War, proving that almost no blacks fought for the South.