October 31st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Too Much Candy

I just printed a large "WAIT" to put on the other side of the front door at 6pm (the mayor declared trick or treating to be 6-9pm) and having mixed candy in a bowl, I think I have too much. I hope I find someone who wants the rest.

Last night I watched the tape of Medium and CSI:NY and then read the paper (including coupons and making the very small grocery list), getting to bed to read at 3am. I was very sleepy at 5am but wanted to finish the novella and the magazine, so I pushed to 5:30am. I put the alarm at 2pm and went right to sleep, but when it went off I set it to 3pm and got up then.

My dream before I woke up was that I was working with cartoon characters who, if they were good enough, became real.

Google as Tax Dodger Extraodinaire
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's January 2011

Sheila Williams' editorial was about Martin Gardner, how she'd known him, and his puzzles that were in Asimov's. Then there's a Gardner puzzle. It has several puzzling bits in it, and I got part of each while reading the first time. I was surprised because I hadn't done so well for a while. Maybe I need a puzzle book. Silverberg talked about time and James Patrick Kelly's column was on whether the internet made our brains better or not.

At the end of the book was the story index for 2010 and the ballot for the Reader's Award Poll. As usual, there was a small section of ads and then the convention list.

There was a really great poem in this: "Five Pounds of Sunlight" by Geoffrey A. Landis

I liked more stories than I usually do:

1. "Visitors" by Steve Rasnick Tem -- what happens to prisoners when we have cryobiology in the future

2. "Interloper" by Ian McHugh -- a far future where if we're not careful, something we don't know or understand comes and kills us

3. "Ashes on the Water" by Gwendolyn Clare -- a girl in future India trying to get to the ocean

4. "Killer Advice" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch -- a murder mystery that takes place on a junky resort space station