October 26th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

The Neurologist

I watched TV and read the paper last night, getting to bed to read at 2am. I planned to read to 5am and set the alarm to 1pm. I actually had a tuna fish sandwich a bit earlier than 5am (Spirit loved the can again) and turned the light off a bit later. I slept off and on until about 8am and then stayed asleep until 11am when I needed to use the bathroom. I turned the alarm off and slept until 4:30pm.

I have to do a lab test tomorrow (fasting) and set up a brain MRI. Pat Knuth suggested that there might be a way to help what was happening to me with the duvet and clothes, so I emailed my neurologist who emailed back to tell me to get those and then let her know so she could check the results (the lab will alert her itself, but I'll have to let her know about the MRI). I really appreciate Pat mentioning that because I hadn't thought about contacting the neurologist and clearly it was something I should have done. That means I'm going to have to be up and awake by at least noon. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that.

I have laundry going and went to get the mail. I had my copy of All Clear, catalogs, and Kaiser's Evidence of Coverage for next year. It included only a partial formulary, missing a lot of my meds, so I downloaded the entire formulary from their site and looked it over. I was pretty sure they carried all my meds because all but two are generic, and it looks like they do. I'm going to have to sit down and read the 233 page EoC to find out what's changed (probably due to the new healthcare law) and how.

A volunteer for MoveOn.org went to a Rand Paul debate to give him a fake award. One of Paul's volunteers recognized her and wrestled her to the ground and stomped on her head and neck. He's been unvolunteered.

The third section of The Hidden Life of Guns is about ATF and how the gun lobbies have limited them.

I would have never guessed that many colleges/universities include an athletic fee in all student fees. Apparently a lot of other people don't know either, because many of the schools hide the fee.