October 10th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Sleepy but No Nap

I didn't nap yesterday and after reading the paper and watching a DVD, I went to bed to read at 2:00am. My stomach growled so I came out here and had an english muffin and petted Spirit. I went back to read but about 10 minutes before the end of the book, my hip hurt so much I couldn't stand it. I rolled over on my back and read that way until I finished at 5am. This book also had a couple of items from earlier books: Waterford crystal that was a mixture of blue and gray, and in a nursing home, a woman with rheumatic arthritis because she can't teach piano anymore. It makes me wonder if she forgets between books.

I woke up at 11am with lots more pain, took another narcotic, and turned the alarm off. I slept until 4:40pm. I'm going to have to be places at specific times on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I need to work this out.

I'm partway through washing the bed laundry and will follow that with a load of my clothes. Loki has developed an idea of when the food machine will dispense -- he's in front of it waiting about 30 minutes early. Then the food drops down and Junie pushes him aside to eat first.

I found a way to get Junie to eat her (pill)pocket. Instead of putting it in a container and in the trash, I give Loki his snackies (equivalent to her pockets) and then she eats the (pill)pocket. Last night she even "scratched" with her front leg and then with her back leg, but when Loki ate, she ate hers.

Yesterday's WashPost Opinions had one from someone upset at the picture and story that had been on the front page 10/6. And then they said Also of concern was the overline: "Gimme shelter." "Gimme" is an expression that parents labor to eliminate as soon as their greedy toddler utters it." I don't know if it's age, place, or what, but I'm surprised they didn't know what Gimme Shelter is.

Have you heard of The Church of Body Modification? I hadn't, and neither had a principal who thought a nose-pierced girl was violating the dress code. A judge told him that she would probably win a suit, since he has to exempt religious elements, so she gets to wear the stud to school.
20111112, Marilee

A Perfect Crime

This movie is in Spanish and was nominated for five Goyas.

Rafael is our point of view -- we hear what he thinks and everything is what he sees. Rafael works the ladies section of a large well-known department store and is running against the guy who runs the mens section for floor manager. Whoever gets the most money that day will get the job. Well, Rafael sold a fur coat and won, but then the check bounced, so the other guy won. The other guy was very rude and mean to Rafael and when he started a fight, well, the other guy was accidently killed.

Rafael knows there was a witness (he saw the socks and shoes under the changing room side) and he goes looking for them. When he comes back, the body is gone. He gets a note from "his guardian angel" who turns out to be an ugly girl on staff. Rafe has slept with all the pretty girls, but never with her. She helps him in the beginning but then blackmails him. He starts thinking that he should kill her and tries a few times. He tries to leave the country but she finds him. He finally thinks he's okay when she, now a fashionista, walks by with her adoring crowd.

One of the interesting things is that when the ugly girl blackmails him into letting her mostly run the floor, she hired all ugly girls and their income went up 10%.

I know this sounds horrible, but it's amazingly funny. Sometimes movies that are meant to be funny in a different land/language, aren't in English subtitles, but boy, this one was.