September 24th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Junie Smacked Spirit

I was sleepy while watching TV; Big Bang Theory is stil excellent, as was CSI. But The Mentalist was as bad as last year, so no more of that. I taped Outsourcing and will post about it when I watch it. I was sleepy still while reading the paper, and Spirit came and sat in my lap, which she usually does while I read the paper. When Junie jumps down on the arm of the recliner and then sits on my hip, I've always protected Spirit with the newspaper, but last night Spirit stuck her head out and Junie smacked her. They both rushed off the recliner, I picked up the paper, and told Spirit I was sorry and Junie that she was a bad girl. She won't get to sit on my lap for at least a very long time. Then I read in bed -- I managed to read from 1:30am to 3:30am, but kept going to sleep all the time.

My stomach growled at 3:30am because I hadn't eaten, so I came out to get something. When I opened the freezer, Stouffers' Swedish Meatballs and Noodles was right there and I zapped that. It had 560 calories and 36gr protein, so not near where I should have been, but at least more than half. It takes 8.5 minutes to zap, so I unloaded the dishwasher and pulled a chair in to put the cat food on the shelf. I still stood for about a minute and then went to eat in the recliner with Spirit. I petted her for a while after I was done eating, and she was clearly scared to be let down again because of Junie. I went to sleep at 4am and got up right before 2pm.

I realized in bed last night that the chaise the dental folks have you sit on is not designed for people with big butts and buffalo humps -- I have lots of muscle aches. The tooth doesn't hurt, though.