September 21st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

New TV Shows and a Mammogram

I watched Lone Star, which I hadn't planned to, but the WashPost reviewer said was better than the trailer showed. It was. We see a boy escaping police with his dad and then 20 years later, the dad has taught his son to be just like him -- a scammer. He has a wife and a mistress, he has sold many many parts of non-existant oil wells, and then his father-in-law (Jon Voight) offered him a real job in a big oil company. His father is angry -- how could he take a real job and not stay with scamming? We'll see.

Then I watched the first episode of Castle for the season and that was good. I watched the tape of The Event and Chase. The Event is going to get one more watching, but I think that's it. It's a lot like Lost except it involves a President. They got to reuse footage over and over, even running some of it very slow, and it ran around time so much you need a dance card to know when you are.

Chase won't be watched again -- a female marshal who seems to have problems with her dad chases bad people and is the one in her group who gets them

I read the paper and went to bed to read at 3am. I read until 5am, which I hadn't planned, because I had to get up at noon. I did get up at noon and reset the alarm for 12:45 and still got to Kaiser in time.

I had my yearly mammogram today and it was the first time since I was 17 that I didn't have to wear the stupid apron. They assume that you're not going to have kids when you turn 55. I was going to do more errands, but the standing and stretching so much made me really tired.

Whenever I see the programmable cat feeder after I'm been asleep or away, it's turned to the right. I don't know who does that or why.

Scientists in Mexico are working with old seeds to help make new grains and plants that will better last the changes in the weather.