September 20th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Non-Sleepy Monday

Usually it takes me three hours to read the Sunday paper, but it took four last night because there was a lot of extra paper. One was reviews on all the new shows, but the other was the National Book Festival on the Mall. They consider three of the included authors as blending reality and fantasy: Diana Gabaldon (yes), and two vampire people: Elizabeth Kostova and M.T. Anderson. So they were 1/3 right. They don't mention Suzanne Collins as fantasy/SF, even though they do have her there and mention the Hunger Games. She's under Teens and Children. Hmmmm.

I went to bed to read at 3:00am and set the alarm for 1pm. I did read right up to 5am, but had to take an additonal narcotic and I was still in pain all night. I slept off and on, but didn't get enough. I got groceries today, washed cat blankies, and am now washing clothes. There's a batch of new shows to try to watch tonight, plus new seasons of some old ones I like. Six hours of shows over two actual hours, so each VCR can watch two hours and I can watch the last two, which means I really need to stay awake.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's October/November 2010

Sheila talked about vacationing near Cocoa Beach and seeing the Kennedy Space Center. Silverberg talked about ghosts, that there's one in his house even though he doesn't believe in it. James Patrick Kelly talked about internet social networks.

The story I absolutely liked the best was The Termite Queen of Tallulah Country by Felicity Shoulders. It was head and shoulders over the others (heh). Termites are now killed by people who have a Temporal Intervention device and the license for it. They go back in time to take away the original termites and make the property incapable of getting more. The daughter of a termite exterminator takes over because her father has had something like a stroke. She goes into a really bad underhouse space only to find a box of Fiddle Faddle. Her father loves Fiddle Faddle, but it didn't exist when the house was built and nobody has been underneath before. She realizes that her dad had been using the TI device to seed termites much earlier in time, and then he got rid of them in his real time and got paid. It was all that time travel that damaged his brain. What does she do?

There were two that I liked but had problems:

Becoming One with Ghosts by Kristine Katheryn Rusch -- it's part of her Diving World universe. A ship from the Fleet needs repair and hits the emergency button that will transport them to a repair port. The port looks like it hasn't been used in a long time. Did they change time during the transportation? This novella was really good until the very end when it just ended. I suspect this will be part of a book, but it should still have an end for the story.

Several Items of Interet by Rick Wilbur -- part of his S'hudonni universe but not directly connected to other stories. Two brothers are separated by a S'hudonni, Two-Clicks, and one stays on Earth and one moves to the S'hudonni's planet to "Sweep" -- wear a camera and show everything to the Earth. The brother with the S'hudonni, Peter, goes to the planet so the S'hudonni will cure his brother, Tommy. The S'hudonni take over Earth and give the people lots of good things as long as they mind the S'hudonni. Tommy figures out that the bad aliens are keeping him alive and he finds a way to go back to dying and at the same time explode some power buildings. Did the S'hudonni have this happen on purpose so he could get more land on Earth?

My problem is that it had misspellings, words arranged wrongly, missing words, a character gets the wrong name for a bit, and so forth. I find it hard to read that kind of story. (I wonder if he was late and they just shoved it into the issue without copy-editing.)
20111112, Marilee

Some Other News

Saint-Gervais, a small town in the French Alps has had a beautiful glacier above them for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, global warming has caused the Tete Rousse Glacier to start to melt and it's holding a massive amount of water. The mayor of the city, and scientists, are worried that the water will break free and destroy the village. The scientists are bringing the water out carefully from the glacier, but they've now found more pockets. Everybody believes this except the people who deal with tourists.

Ezra Klein is very good at politics and yesterday put in a small bit of humor. He wrote: "Christine O'Donnell, who scored the upset in Delaware, rails against the deficit but says we "absolutely" have to extend the Bush tax cuts. That's $4 trillion straight to the deficit's hips. How will she pay for it? "Waste," of course."

The county around our city is celebrating the Civil War sesquicentennial, since they also surround part of the National Park. The county has been awarded the No. 1 tourist destination for 2011..... by the American Bus Association. (last item on page) Heh