September 16th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

The Endodontist

When I got offline I watched two shows I'd taped (The Closer and Life Unexpected) and then the first episode of Outlaw with Jimmy Smits. He starts as a Supreme Court justice and finishes a 4 to 4 case so a man gets another trial, then quits to represent him. It was really awful. Parts that were supposed to have tension were just sad. I don't plan to watch it again.

I started reading the paper and Junie suddenly jumped from the crenellations to in front of the TV. She started hunting something that was clearly better at getting away than she was at getting it. She went to eat and came back and then Loki came to eat. He went to join Junie and I saw they were chasing a beetle of some sort. At one point, Junie caught it between her paws while her legs were on either side of a wheel of the TV holder. She tried a lot of things, but gave up and let it go. Then Junie went back to the crenellations and Loki back to bed.

I started reading in bed at 1:30am and stopped at 4am. I had to get up at noon in order to make the endodontist appointment. I actually got there about 45 minutes earlier than I needed because the only time I've been that direction before was taking autopope and feorag to Udvar Hazy. I hadn't paid attention to the minor roads. The endodontist said the tooth is still alive and it will be easy to do the root canal. He's only there on Thursdays so I go back next week to have it done. It will be about $750, again, less than I thought.

Traffic was heavy back down to I-66, when I pulled off to have dinner at Carrabbas. Again, a salad and margarita pizza -- I had two slices there and brought the rest home -- and my regular server told me he was so scared of having someone deal with his teeth that he had an appointment and wouldn't go.

I took the alternate route south and was home a bit after 5pm and started online. The food machine just put out food and I'll get Spirit some from the container in the closet in a few minutes.

Mars, IBM, and the USDA are sequencing the cacao genome. They're getting a lot of it, but it's not expected to make the chocolate different, just to make trees more disease-resistant.