September 9th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Surprise! Pushing Forward Again!

This will only take these few days, though. When I got offline Tuesday night I watched a couple of TV shows and read the paper and then went to bed. I read until 4am but couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep long enough that I figured out I could be awake when I needed to be if I pushed for a couple of days. So early Wednesday, I swept cat hair drifts from my closet, bathroom, and bedroom, so I could put the two small washed rugs down on a clean floor. Then it was 8am and I washed a load of laundry while reading in bed. I put the clothes away, showered, fed the cats, and took the trash and recycling out. I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch because they've added a lot of raw veggies to their garden bar. I admit to putting on about a half teaspoon of bacon and a scoop (probably 1/3 cup) of bleu cheese dressing. I also had the loaded baked potato and almost finished that, but I left it and brought about a half-cup worth of the veggies home.

You know how I can go for weeks without phone calls and then have a day with lots? Well, four yesterday. Two came from an email I sent the new rheumatologist. Usually when additional labs are put in, they show up on the summary I get when I leave and they weren't there, so I checked on that. I asked for her doctor ID because the lab software works a lot better with multiple doctors at a time if it has their IDs, and I told her I was running out of the narcotic and would have to come pick the prescription up. So the nurse called yesterday and told me the labs were in and the prescription was ready. Nothing about the doctor ID. Then, while I was getting veggies from the bar, I got a call from someone whose English wasn't very good and who didn't understand that I didn't have the prescription yet, that the doctor had ordered it and I had to go get the paper. Then I got home and had a call where nobody talked when I said Hello, and then that one again -- I ordered a new battery for a little sweeper I have, when I charge it full time, I only get about five minutes work -- and the guy (in a room with lots of other people) told me that he was recording it. Then he tried for probably five minutes for me to add a dollar to the buy and then he would send me FREE! a hundred-dollar-worth envelope of discount coupons! And WAIT! I could get that every month for only $29.99 and I didn't have to call them to keep it going! I spent all that time saying NO! NO! Are you listening? NO! He finally gave up and said "thankyouforyourbuy" and hung up.

So I finished the book* and went to sleep about 2:20pm yesterday with the alarm set for 3am today, but I was clearly awake at 2:30am and got up. I read Wednesday's paper, watched two shows I'd taped and beaded, and will soon head off to get the prescription.

*This was the 12th Richard Jury book and all of a sudden, there's variations on "shit" and "fuck." I checked, and yes, it's a new publisher.
20111112, Marilee

News from 9/8 WashPost

The Food section got six awards from the Association of Food Journalists, and the column I like best -- Cooking for One by Joe Yonan, published monthly -- came in third for Best Newspaper Food Column. I used to cut recipes down to one serving a lot before I got sick, but he has some interesting ideas and I can actually do about a quarter of them if I plan and can stand up while the ingredients are still good and so forth.

Also in the Food section, they had an article and lots of recipes on canning. I don't know about pickled grapes, but some of the others sounded good. They set up a food exchange, so you come with yours and swap with others and get different canned food.

In poor third-world cities, they can manage saving money by using a cellphone to get money to a bank. A village can use a single cellphone and each person just swaps their sim in for access. Fascinating article about how technology helps move people forward.

When you think about it, you know there must be old people in prison, but Virginia now has a geriatric ward in a prison. The elderly, weak, incompetent prisoners are cared for by other younger prisoners for pennies an hour. Virginia rarely lets violent prisoners out even when they can legally have parole, but doesn't it seem that a guy who needs a wheelchair should be with his family or a nursing home?

One of the op-ed columnists had a column about how the Democrats and Republicans fight. The column is titled Democats and Republicanines. Took me a second look.