September 7th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Nap and Sleep

When I posted yesterday, I set the VCR to watch The Closer and went to bed without setting the alarm. I figured it'd be one or two hours, but it was 3.5 hours and I rushed out to watch the late news. When I finished online, I read the paper and was reading in bed at 2:30am. I think my entire gastric system started rumbling at 5am -- I only had a crunchy taco supreme yesterday -- so I came out and had a roast beef sandwich (roast beef on sale this week) and petted Spirit. I went back in and read until 6:15am and set the alarm for 2pm. I was awake a lot of short times because I hurt and because the bed was soaked. I've been trying to taper the hormone replacement treatment, but it's not working -- I'm sweating like crazy -- and I think a lot of the pain might come from that, too, so I'm going back to full tonight. When the alarm went off at 2pm, I shut it down, pushed Junie off me, and slept until 5pm.

When I watched Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday, something happened that I thought was a clue, but turned out to be a continuity lapse. A man with a sling on his arm had it on his left arm to start with and then his right arm twice. I figured he was cheating or one of the bad guys, but it was just a continuity problem.

Our Old Town area has an adult store moving in -- KK's Temptations -- and a delegate (not even our delegate) says we can't have porn stores. Well, fine, it's not porn. A lot of people say they made the Old Town area for art and entertainment, and that kind of store sounds like art and entertainment to me!