September 5th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Not One of my Better Nights

After I was offline, I napped until 9:30pm, read the paper, and got to bed to read at 1am and planned to go to sleep at 4am. I set the alarm for noon, but I didn't sleep because I've had a sore throat for two days. I came out and zapped tea and honey and sat with Spirit. She was kind of hunched back in my lap, even though Junie wasn't there, so I turned on TCM and watched the middle 90 minutes of "Thank Your Lucky Stars." It was produced in 1943 and was about a revue to make money for war charities. Lots of famous people -- Dinah Shore, Eddie Cantor, and Betty Davis, for a start -- played themselves. The songs weren't that good and the plot was old and tired, but it was nice to see the actors.

I thought I'd be sleepy then, at 8am, but wasn't when I got to bed, so read until 9am. I have a lot of pain in my arthritic left little toe and had to take another narcotic, which is probably why I finally slept. I heard the alarm when it went off at noon (the characters were darker and the light background when I push the button are both better, too -- must have needed the batteries), but just turned it off and actually got up at 3:30pm. I'm going to try to stay up -- I have to go to sleep at a reasonable time with only 5.5 hours without a nap.

I put in an order for Peapod to come on Thursday and made the grocery list for tomorrow. I'm not up to washing sheets and putting the clean ones on today, so I moved it to tomorrow and the cat blankies to Tuesday.