September 4th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

So Nice

It's in the low 80s today with almost no humidity. Tomorrow will be even lower temperature. We have an odd weather alert in this area -- enhanced wildfire alert -- because of the winds from the west and the very dry region.

After I finished online, I read the paper and was down in the bedroom at midnight starting to read. I was thinking that I was too sleepy to read, but the sleepiness went away until 3am. But then I didn't feel sleepy and I got back up, had pizza and petted Spirit, then went back to bed at 4am. I'd already had the alarm set for noon, so I didn't change it. I was awake and asleep, back and forth (some with Junie and some just me waking up from dreams), until about 6am and then woke up at 12:27. Yeah, the alarm was set and went off and I didn't hear it because the bad ear was up. When I push the button for the light, I'm not getting much there, either.

So today I took the driver's tip in an envelope to the Pizza Hut and they were able to use my receipt to find out which driver he was and will give it to him tonight. I got money from the ATM and then two new batteries from Radio Shack for the alarm. It's complicated to set and I was really confused at one point, but it turned out I didn't get the button quite into the operant point, and then I could set hour and minute.

The National Zoo has the first half of the new Asian Elephant environment done -- it has a pool, trails, and lots of other elephant things -- and now the elephants don't have to live in stalls and only go out into a tiny yard.

Focus on the Family is in China trying to sell abstinance, oh, and evangelism. The city of Yunnan is happy about the abstinance, after all, China has lots of people, but not so happy about the evangelism.