September 2nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Sleepy Night/Day

I was still online last night when I taped Psych and when I got offline, I read the paper, then watched the two shows I had taped (beading at the same time). This was 6am and I went to read in bed until 7:30am. I took the cardboard out to the van (six boxes that originally held litter -- two with shredded paper and four with deconstructed boxes and other small cardboard, a box of fur-lined brown crunchy paper, and a large deconstructed box) and then took it to the transfer station.

I looked all over last night to see when they opened and I thought it was 5am, but the Waste Management site doesn't even have Manassas there. The closest I could get was the starting time of the city's Hazardous Household Waste: 8am. It does open at 5am on weekdays and I could have gotten up an hour earlier and back to bed an hour earlier. I had a McDonald's breakfast and came home and was in bed and asleep by 9am. I'd set the alarm for 1pm, thinking I could get up and when I was too sleepy, I could have a short nap that would let me go to bed at a normal time on Thursday. I woke up at noon and clearly wasn't going to be able to get up at 1pm so I turned the alarm off and after Junie and Loki jumped on me to get me up, I got up at 5pm. I gave Junie her pill and all of the cats their wet food and went back to bed.

I got up about 7:45pm, took the Fosamax, and went to get the mail, which did have the meds I needed, then settled down to give the cats their snackies and Spirit her pill, and for me to read the front pages of the sections of the paper and wait to take my BP. Then I took my morning meds, with Loki thinking he should have wet food again. Now I'm glancing at the TV to see when the football is over and the news will be on. I'm going to try to go to bed at the regular time, I'm still sleepy anyway.

One of the WashPost's Sport Columnists, Mike Wise, made a fake twitter about a sportsguy. It got picked up all over, of course, and he got suspended for a month. My problem with this is that 1) the WashPost didn't put anything in the paper until the second day, and b) didn't put that article in the Sports section.

We still have the DMV, Tax Department, and Elections Board unusable, but the others are back. A file server died and the backup died. You'd think they could get things up sooner than eight days. Some data may be gone forever. The current Republican governor compaigned saying that he would manage Northop Grumman better than the previous Democratic governor did. Heh.

The new health-care plan has a bit for early-retirement health care. 2000 organizations have qualified and yet some of them are sueing the feds to take the health-care plan away. So they don't really want it, but if it becomes real, they're going to take advantage of it. Hmmmmm