August 31st, 2010

20111112, Marilee


Good thing I don't mind, although I may not go to bed tomorrow morning until I take the trash and recycling out and get two days of mail.

Last night I taped The Closer, one of my favorite shows, while I finished online and then watched it before the news. I read the paper by 12:30am and read in bed until 5am. I set the alarm for 1pm, but I had the bad ear up and Junie woke me up. When I realized the alarm must be going off, I turned over to turn it off and my back hurt like crazy. I got up to have some acetaminophen and went back to bed until 3pm. My back is okay now, but I may try to go to bed early with more narcotics -- that way they'll be worn off by sunrise and I can take things out.

The Virginia DMV is still dead and people who waited until the last day to get their licenses renewed will have to get new licenses, which requires passports and birth certificates and such. The governor has commented that they may have Northrop Grumman pay not only the state back, but the people who were inconvenienced as well.

I finished the 9th Richard Jury book last night and it lacked continuity all through. It was a plot with two matching people, but there was more than that: someone being somewhere and then somewhere else without the driving in between, wrong names for people in some places, and descriptions of places that change within a few pages. She's always had trouble with putting commas in the right places, but fortunately, at about the fourth book, she stopped using so many adverbs and adjectives.