August 30th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

More Thinking

I did nap after I made yesterday's post and then came out to watch a new Masterpiece Mystery "Inspector Lewis" episode. Then I came back and finished on the computer by 11:30pm. Normally I read the Sunday paper in three hours, but it took four last night because I kept crying. I went to bed at 4am and read until 6:30am. I got up at just before 4pm and am washing the cat blankies.

The food was gone for all cats, they don't get more for several hours, and Loki is asking me for food. I semi-cooked for myself today; I had thawed cooked chicken and had it with rice and dill.

Yesterday's WashPost had a long complex article on a family that went through Katrina and follows them until now. I had a friend (email and phone) for years who lived in New Orleans. We talked about a lot of things including her depression and how constantly changing meds weren't helping much. When Katrina hit, she got out soon enough with her cats. We kept emailing and about a year later she said she was going to try going back. A week later her sister called me and said I was on the list to call: my friend had given her cats to good homes and killed herself. All through the article and then in bed, I kept thinking of my friend and crying.

A DC-based Shakespeare troupe is doing selections from "Hamlet" and "Much Ado About Nothing" in Klingon.

Virginia has had a state-wide computer problem for six days now, which seems to be most evident (and problematic) in the DMVs, although there are 23 other departments having problems. There are lots of servers offline, and it was Northrop Grumman who developed the system and is getting paid for running it. Heck, they just got more money for more time running it. Too bad they can't get servers up.