August 18th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Floods Again

The thunderstorm starting last night required a lot of sand bags and still took out small bridges and roads. As usual, stupid drivers tried to go through the water and stalled. When I got up last night I watched TV (just watching -- my hands were so cold all day that they hurt a lot) and read the paper. I skipped LJ and ML and will read two days-worth tonight. I started reading in bed at 1:30am and by 2:45am, I'd read 13 pages. I hurt so much that I kept trying to find positions that would make me feel better and I could still read. At 3am I just got more narcotics and that finally let me read and then go to sleep at 4:30am.

I took the trash and recycling out and then bought more dry food for the kitties. At the Petsmart, someone had a cat, maybe eight months old, on a leash. It kept trying to go see things, but they had it under control. There were a lot of little cats in the cages and some of them were performing for the little kids looking at them. When I got home, Loki was on the heating pad in the kitchen window and he started Meowing loudly at me when I got to the stoop. He carefully watched me come in and then he and Junie both wanted some of the new food. It's probably a week before the existing food is done, and Junie almost ate into a previous bag, so I put the new one in the workroom.