August 15th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Good Weather Today!

Last night I read the paper and watched a DVD. I went to bed to read at 2am and planned to sleep at 4am, but only made it to 3am. I left the alarm set to noon, and after skimming the front pages of today's paper, I dropped the DVD at the post office and went to the grocery. Tomorrow, and maybe Tuesday, are now considered to be at least 90F. I have an appointment on Tuesday, so I'll have to brave it. It was only 77F when I was out today, and not very humid. I was very happy with the windows open, and it's been a long time since then.

I have the laundry in now and have most of the clean sheets on the bed.

I had a very odd thing happen with Netflix. I have a three-DVD plan and when I picked up Saturday's mail on the way back from the grocery, it had another DVD. So between the time that was delivered and today when I took another one back, I had four DVDs.
20111112, Marilee

Grizzly Man

One of the strangest things in this documentary is that one of his former girlfriends looks almost exactly like Mary Kay.

As to the movie, this is the story of Timothy Treadwell, not his real name, who tried a lot of jobs and then decided to go to a forbidden area of Alaska to save the bears. He talks to the bears like pets -- Oh, so pretty, such a good baby, I love you -- in baby voice and gets close to them. In the end, a bad bear kills him and the girlfriend with him (only a couple of pictures and he never mentions her). We see his parents, friends, ecologists, etc., all telling us about their part of what happened.

Everything I see written about it makes him sound brave and self-effacing, but I think he was mentally ill. He doesn't actually watch bears from a distance, he tries to make friends with them, and that's nuts.