August 12th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

New Recliner!

And the weather is celebrating it with a vast thunderstorm! Right after I posted yesterday, I heard a plop over behind the recliner and I was talking to Spirit while I hustled over there. Her tail didn't move until I got there, and she seems okay. Last night I watched two TV shows I taped Tuesday night as well as a new one, read the paper, and went to bed. I read until 4:30am, but the furniture guy called me at 10:30am and we agreed for them to deliver it at 2pm. I set the alarm for 11:30am, but didn't sleep, so I was up at 11am. It was 88F, so I headed out to run errands and realized that I still had my computer glasses on. I came back in and swapped for the regular ones and I got money from the ATM, gave the bookgroup book to the library and had my card renewed (apparently they do that every so often, which is good because they had the old edress -- email would still get to me, just a microsecond later), then I dropped the DVD off at the post office.

I was home at 1:30pm, in plenty of time. They brought the new one in very well and took the old one out, too. The new one is easier for me to get up from -- I think the arms are lower -- but it was hard to push all the way back, for a moment I thought it didn't have that, but I just had to push harder. It'll probably get easier.

When the guys arrived, Spirit slunk behind the old recliner. Bad choice. She dashed over to the corner shelves in the computer room and hid behind them. She eventually came out and I went over to the new recliner and she checked both me and it out. Loki came and sniffed all of it, but didn't sit there. He did somehow flip back the arm that has the drink & remote places and left quickly.