August 7th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Pushing Forward Again

I started reading at 2am Thursday night and turned the light out at 4:30am. When I was still awake at 5:30am, I decided I was just going to have to push forward. So I came out here and read the paper, showered and got dressed, fed the cats, pilled Spirit, and then at 11am headed to the post office to mail the check for Spirit's new meds. After that I went to lunch at Chili's and when I got home at 12:30pm, the temp was 88F, so I was pretty close. I read until 2:20pm then went right to sleep with Junie waking me every couple hours or so and finally got back up at 11:30pm. I got sleepy about 2am, but will try to stay awake until 7pm.

The plastic bag with the coupons usually comes with the Saturday paper and the grocery sale paper comes on Wednesday, so I can make the list today and then go shop. All forecasters now have that only tomorrow is in the 80s and even the one that forecasts for 10 days doesn't see any more 80s.

I tried something for Spirit to get her dry food: I put a half-cup pyrex bowl in her bed with the food, and it was okay for a good while, but a couple hours ago Junie stuck her head in the bed and bowl and Spirit dashed out and hid. Boy, I hope the vase works.

I had no idea that the military in Iraq and Afghanistan were getting rid of trash with burn pits. Lots of people have what seems to be reactions from the fumes and some have died. Many of the people and families are now sueing the contractor in charge of the burn pits.

Our crazy governor wants us to stop owning the liquor stores, that bring in $248M every year, and sell them to private owners who would pay total $300M to $500M. That's stupid. So he's saying the state can raise the tax. The private owners could have more stores. He's really fumbling for a way to keep that much revenue if we sell the liquor stores.

DDB, you won't like this, but I did:

Second Amendment Scoreboard.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is being court-martialed because he won't go to Afghanistan. He's a birther and thinks he doesn't have to mind the Commander in Chief.