August 4th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Another Orange Cat

After I got offline last night, I read the paper and watched the four hours of TV I'd taped earlier. By then, the sun was coming up and I put shoes on and took the trash and recycling out. When I backed the van to the bins and dumpster enclosure and got out, I saw a pretty little orange tabby with collar coming toward me. I talked to it and it headed for my open door. I told it that kitties didn't get in the car and beat it to the door and shut it. The cat went to lie down on the sidewalk while I put the trash and recycling in their places. When I got back in the car, it hustled under the end of another car.

I treated myself to a McDonald's breakfast again and picked up Tuesday's mail on the way in -- all stuff that went into the empty mixed paper recycling bin.

I was ready to read at 8am and had the acetaminophen and turned off the light at 10am. I had the alarm set for 6pm and didn't wake up until then. I'm sleepy now, but I plan to hold out until 2am or so and see if I can get back to normal. Most forecasters have us in the 80s for Saturday, Saturday, and Monday.