August 3rd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Slewing Again

That nap added more time to my night -- when I finished online last night, I read the paper, watched The Closer on tape, and at 5am went to bed to read. I took acetaminophen before I turned the light out at 7am and I slept straight through to 3pm when I needed to use the bathroom. I slept another two hours, getting up at 5pm. I'm thinking that if I stay awake until the sun comes up, I can take the trash and recycling out on the normal day. Most of the forecasters say we're not getting 80s again until Saturday and Sunday.

When the vet was here, she decided that all Spirit's sneezing was a sinus infection, but Spirit finished the baytril and is still sneezing. I called the vet who is sending a different antibiotic.

We're still getting too much reportage on the Salahis, particularly her because of the Real Life thing, but the husband threw a glass of wine at someone else on that show. The woman said he was being verbally abusive and she tried to calm him down, only to get the wine that damaged her expensive outfit. Maybe he misses having his name in the paper.

When I was well, I used to buy an annual pass to Colonial Williamsburg and go three or four times a year. They have cobbles, though, and steps to almost all buildings, so I don't go anymore. A lot of people didn't go for a while and CW lost revenue. But now it's picking up and that's because a lot of Tea Party activists are visiting. The re-enactors are trained in what the characters believed, and unfortunately for many of the Tea Party people, Washington and others don't agree with them.
20111112, Marilee


This is what Junie looks like, but she's never had matermelon here. The vet said she looks like she has a lot of Russian Blue in her, but when I looked that up, they had skinny faces.