July 22nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Sleep In Rotation

I was halfway through the Deed of Paksenarrion post yesterday when my back started hurting massively. I planned to finish the post, but couldn't and went to read in bed for about 90 minutes. I came back out and finished the post and read LJ. I had started reading ML when the vet got here -- Loki and Junie are both two pounds too heavy, but otherwise okay, but Spirit has a sinus infection and is at the bottom of the appropriate weight range. So I'm supposed to keep the big two from eating as much as they do, and give Spirit antibiotics for eight more days and get her to eat more. They already eat about half of hers because it's on the way to the kitchen where their dish is. The best thought I've had on this so far is to get a glass bowl that's big enought for Spirit's head to go in, but not the other two (Spirit's head is about 1/3 of Junie's, and 1/4 of Loki's). I'd be glad to hear any ideas -- remember she's still mostly staying under the end table or on the recliner.

I finished ML and started reading the paper, but I was dropping off so I went to bed and slept from 9pm to 1am. I came back out and finished the paper, then realized I hadn't eaten or had the rehydration fluid, so I watched Psych while I had those and petted Spirit. I got to bed at 4am and decided to read until 6am, but I read until 7am. I left the alarm set for 2pm, but I kept waking up in pain all night -- I'd get about 90 minutes and then up again -- and I felt completely awake at 1pm and got up then.

I remembered to take the fosamax this morning and found that Peapod will be here between 6:21pm and 8:21pm, which is unusual. It's almost always between 7:30pm and 9:30pm. I think I'll have to sleep out of turn again today/tomorrow, but I don't think it will get me too far off.
20111112, Marilee


The WashPost did a two-year investigation on intelligence companies and found that many are doing the same things. This three-part article has neat graphics and a lot of information.

We have a very skillful and educated serial killer here in the DC area. He might not have been caught if ATF hadn't searched his house for guns.

We had a lot of other deaths here in the area -- 19 heat deaths so far -- Maryland has had 13, DC has had one, and Virginia has had five.

Also here in the DC area, park rangers wear wool pants. I can't believe it -- long wool pants when it will be 101F and high humidity on Saturday.

I mentioned before the "granny pad" and it's now been manufactured.

China always wants to do things bigger than we do -- their oil spill is bigger than ours.

The commuter trains seem to lack space, at least during rush hours, and there are people who take up two seats by putting their bag or feet on one, etc., and a website has been set up to show pictures of seat hogs.