July 14th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Visit to Kaiser

I turned the light off at 5am but was awake again at 6am with a lot of pain in my left forearm and wrist. The acetaminophen hadn't worked the other day, so I took another narcotic, which is allowable. I had toast with Spirit (only two pieces of bread left -- the breads are at the end of the grocery I haven't made it to the last two times -- I'm definitely ordering from Peapod on Sunday) and then went back to bed about 7am and went right to sleep. I got up at 1:45pm, took the trash and recycling out at 3:10pm, and headed out to Kaiser Penderbrook with a bottle of water, on general principles. There was a handicapped space empty so I was there about a half-hour early.

I made an appointment with the new rheumatologist, who read my labs from yesterday and released them. They are really really good; better than they've been for a long time. Then I checked in for the neurologist and read part of the paper until they called me. She doesn't think the instant dizziness and eating problems are neuro, but the clumsiness is almost certainly the benign essential tremor getting worse. Not enough for meds, but worse than it was.

Spirit had spit up on her bed so when I got home I washed that and gave her a towel to sit on. Now the bed's in the right place and instead of sitting in it, like she did on the towel, she's up on top of the recliner (two-four weeks yet to come for the new one). I have the seamstress bringing me more pants tonight so I can't take a nap. I have to nap in the bed now and that's a bit too much trouble to get up from when she comes.

There are lots of kittens all over Afghanistan, and the Marines and a rescue group are taking care of them.

A teenager stole a Metro uniform and bus and drove it on-route, taking fares, until he drove into a tree. The TV news had some audio of him where he said "I'm sorry for that alleged crime..."

Maryland has had 12 people die of heat-related illnesses: Eleven of the 12 victims had heart disease and/or high blood pressure. Eight of the 12 victims were 65 or older. And 10 of 12 victims were discovered indoors without air conditioning, the state reported.