July 8th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Early Escape

I got up at 6:00am and as soon as I stepped out of the condo, I was wet. Massive humidity, even if the temperature wasn't bad. The sun was a messy dark red, coming through our pollution. I got the trash and recycling out, then to the library to drop off a book I finished last night, to get gas as long as I was so close, then dropped a DVD I watched last night at the post office, and then I decided to have a McDonald's breakfast. There's 500 calories already -- I only have to get 500 more. The temperature sign on the way there/back was at 79, but the humidity was so high I'd had the AC on the entire time. I picked up two days-worth of mail on the way in.

I got home at 7:30am and went to sleep about 8:00am. I woke up at 6:14pm, and I'm surprised the cats let me sleep that long. Today was back to Fosamax and I remembered that because I stuck the month's med calendar out the top of the secretary.

Out of four weather sources, two say there will be 80s on Saturday, so I could get groceries then, plus pick up the books on hold at the library.

This is Full Figured Fashion Week, with fatshionistas. The models are all just up-sized models and that doesn't make much sense to me. One designer mentions that large women tend to carry weight in different places -- breasts, waist, hips -- but the others seem to make clothes for a single shape. The article also talks about their dislike of Michele Obama's push against obesity -- not only do they think the studies on obesity being bad for you may be inaccurate, but they think it would work better if Obama made a positive push for health.

In Illinois, some folks gathered hundreds of people and called in 911 problems. When the police & firefighters got there, they had bottle rockets and fireworks aimed at them. Apparently the gathering was for entertainment. (Under Illinois and then continue.)
20111112, Marilee

Bad Day at Black Rock

I hadn't seen this before and it was very tense. A retired WWII soldier with only one arm arrives on the train at Black Rock. First time the train has stopped in four years. He asks for Adobe Flats and everybody turns to something else. The hotel is empty, but say they have no bed for him. The Western Union guy takes the message, but doesn't send it. The telephone operator says the line is busy.

Our man is getting a little suspicious and finally rents a jeep from a young woman and goes out to Adobe Flats. There's an unmarked grave there, a burned-down house, and a functional well in the dry dry land. When he gets back to Black Rock, the primary evil guy lets him know he's going to be killed. He fights, one-handed, with another guy and wins.

He's asked why he's there, by friendly people, and tells them that a Japanese soldier fighting on our side saved his life in the war and died doing it. He was bringing the medal to the father. He finds out that the father was killed because he was Japanese and he had water, and then two people come to his side. They get him back in the jeep, the girl driving this time, and going to a city. They're ambushed and it turns out the girl was in on it. The sniper was her boyfriend, but he killed her anyway. Our man made a bottle rocket and threw it at him.

He took the sniper's car back, with the burned sniper and the body of the girl and Doc took the sniper to care for him. Soon, the train is coming again and our man is leaving. Doc talks him into leaving the medal, to make the town stay better.
20111112, Marilee

The Black Cat - A Richard Jury novel by Martha Grimes

This got a good review from the WashPost and I was on hold for three months to get it. It turns out this is the 22nd book of the Richard Jury series and our library does have most of them. He's a Scotland Yard Superintendent and gets to working on an odd murder in the country. Two more similar murders happen and there's some ancilary plots, some of which drift from earlier books in the series. I had the murderer for the first murder about a quarter of the way in, but couldn't figure out the motive. There's more info about three-quarters in and then he comes up with an unexpected method and motive near the end.

I have the second and third books on hold (the first and fourth aren't at the library) and I think I'll probably read the whole series. I hope they're as fast reads as this one was.