July 4th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Loud Bangs

We've had a neighbor set off firecrackers already and the cats are nervous.

Last night when I finished posting, I went to bed for 2.5 hours. Loki and Junie followed me right down and after we were in bed with the light out, Spirit made a plaintive cry. Unfortunately, I can't sleep where she will and she won't sleep where I can. When I got up I read LJ and ML and finished at midnight. I read the paper and got to bed ready to read at 2am and stopped at 4:30am. I had trouble getting up today so I expect there will be another nap.

I'll do laundry, including bedding, after I run the washer with bleach. It's starting to smell like mildew again.

We not only have high 90s for today (maybe even 100F), but it's Code Orange so I expect a lot of the people at A Capital Fourth -- concert and fireworks on the Mall -- will end up at a hospital.