July 3rd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Groceries Today

We go back to the 90s for at least a week tomorrow, so I made up my grocery list last night. The best thing I've found to keep my feet up at the recliner is the pillow on the ladderback chair and the duvet folded in six layers in the recliner. I'm not sure why it helps more than two pillows, but it does.

I was trying to get up today and ended up sleeping two more hours. I'm about to sleep at least another one. (The rheumatologist said the fatigue may be from losing too much weight.) I got money from the ATM, mailed a DVD, and then went to the grocery store. I had coupons for things in the frozen section, but I was too worn out to go there, particularly after getting the kitty litter. On the way I realized I forgot the receipts for the gas coupons and then I realized why the begiinning of the second one was less than the end of the first one -- it says on the form that dollars/points expire in 30 days. Mine are going to drop 100 points from Peapod on Monday, so there's no reason to use the coupons. The 10 cents off per gallon is still higher at Shell than no coupons at my local gas station.
20111112, Marilee

Kings and Queen

This movie is French and introduces us to a nice woman who manages an art shop. The beginning of the movie tells us about her relationships with her first husband, lover, son, and father, but then we start finding out that what she's telling people is not exactly right. At the end, we know she's not nice and is only lucky not to be caught.

It's 2.5 hours long, and I think it should have been cut a bit. It was okay, but not something that sparked interest.