July 1st, 2010

20111112, Marilee


I managed to finish LJ and ML, but screwed up the games too much and stopped. I'm sure the neurologist will understand. I read the paper in the chair, but now it doesn't come back up with the pulling, so I'm going to have to try and pack some box into a good ottoman. I read in bed until 4am and was awake a bit after noon, but still hurt like crazy, so I took some acetaminophen -- I wanted to go out today -- and actually got up a bit before 3pm.

I headed out to a local furniture store where I'd seen a Lane truck leave. My friend Mark, who had a furniture store around the corner, didn't like that store, but there's not much of a choice now that his business closed down. The property was empty for three years and now they're making it, and the church that left next to it, into a Walgreen's.

I took the paperwork I had for this recliner and, as I expected, they don't expect to have their guy be able to fix it, but he can probably give me the name and number of the Lane repairman. It might be quite expensive; I'll just have to wait and see. But they do have almost a quarter of their store with Lane, and most of that is recliners. I found a wall-saver I liked (no more recliners with heat and vibration -- I'll have to use a heating pad) and one with a color I liked, so we ordered the giant comfortable chair in a semi-dark green. With the delivery price and VA tax, it's 792.95 which is less than I expected. I asked to pay half up front so gave them $396.47 today and will pay the same, one cent more, when it comes. That way the credit union won't take the fee for going below the minimum balance. It probably won't come for four to six weeks, so I really will have to figure out how to keep my feet up. And nap in the bed.

I still hurt a lot but I'll try to get through online first.