June 30th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Last Time for this Rheumatologist

My regular night last night -- watched Serenity again and had forgotten a lot of it -- and got a large batch of beading done.

Today I had my last appointment with my rheumatologist. I took her a necklace I'd made and when she opened the box, she held it up to her top and said "it matches!" and I said "you almost always wear those colors" and we laughed. She's tired of doctoring and is going to be off for a while and then find a Public Health job because that's what she majored in. The new doctor starts next week and I'll see her in two months.

My DEXA scan shows significant arthritis in my back, plus osteopenia in my back and hips, so I have to restart the Fosamax. It doesn't taste bad or anything, it just requires a different routine on the morning it's taken and I almost always forget. The arthritis pain in my hands is bad enough now that I'm going to increase the prednisone to 2.5mg every day instead of every other day.

I stopped to eat at Carabbas on the way home and had my favorite House Salad and a third of the Margerita pizza. I brought the rest home.

I sent a letter to the WashPost editors and I think they may print it, so I can't tell you about it until I know or not.

And in other news in the WashPost, the FDA has set up a database where patients and doctors can look up reactions and side-effects to drugs after the original safety evaluations.

Also, an interesting study on who runs yellow lights and why.

I'm definitely worn out and will take a nap before I read LJ and ML.
20111112, Marilee

Ack! The Recliner!

When I left here and went to nap, I had the recliner almost all the way out when Loki (at least 20 pounds) jumped from the top of the castle thing onto the top of the back of the recliner and then on the extended part. There was a big creak and I couldn't pull the extension in. I tried to stand up from it, but it's too wide and I had to slide off and scoot to the loveseat. I got up on my knees, my right slipper on the floor, and the toe of my left slipper up and they both slipped. I was panting, so I stopped and took off my slippers because my feet were wet and had more traction right then and I made it up that time. I sat there for a bit, panting, and then went to look at the recliner.

I can see that there's a problem with the scissor gears and I pushed the end of the extension in and it went to the normal spot. I sat in it and was able to pull the extension just out enough for my legs, and leave the back up. I have to pull the extension in, but it feels stable. I tried extending the foot all the way and the chair started tipping over, so I pulled the extension back in. I tried the just feet out and that worked as long as I pulled the extension in. I wish I'd figured that out before I scuttled around the floor.

There's a couple of stores locally that sell Lane recliners; my friend who used to own a furniture store said they work best and last longest. Mine is eight years old, so I'll see what they have. Good thing the IRS sent me extra money because even with that I expect to have to go under my minimum balance and the credit union will take $7.50 from me for a couple of months. I can live with that.

I decided to nap in the bed, as you might imagine, but I hurt too much to sleep and just got up, took a narcotic, and will stop when I get too woozy.