June 27th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Junie as Alarm Clock

I was really sleepy when I got offline yesterday and tried to sleep with Spirit in the recliner, but she slept on top, on top of my fingers. That really hurt. Normally she's underneath the duvet and I just cup my palms around her front and back feet and that doesn't hurt. I gave up at 5:30pm and moved to the bed where I slept until 7pm. Then I finished reading all the papers, watched Criminal Minds, and got to bed at 1am. I was asleep at 2:30am -- only got two chapters because I kept having to reread -- and Junie woke me up at 8:30am. I hadn't planned to get up that early and I tried to express that to her. I pushed her off the bed. I was very close to putting her in the guest bathroom. But I finally got up at noon without enough sleep.

I watched Meet the Press while I skimmed the front pages of the sections of the WashPost, marked the shows I wanted to watch on the TV Week, and made the grocery list for Tuesday. All three of the weather sources I've been watching now say we'll drop to the 80s for Tuesday and the rest of the week. On Meet the Press (about a quarter-screen down), McCain says the Taliban is stupid:

So what, what do we need? We need the president just to come out and say, "Look, this is condition-based and condition-based only. We will leave tomorrow if the conditions are--allow for it. But we're not going to set an arbitrary date for withdrawal." That's all he has to say because, believe me, the Taliban are not able to parse difference comments by different people the way that you just described different commentaries.

I'm sure they have soldiers who can't handle the different commentaries, just like we do, but I'm equally sure that we both have soldiers who can handle them.

I'm going to watch an odd new show tomorrow: Huge. It's about obese teenagers who are in a weight loss camp and one of them doesn't want to lose weight. The show is also going to offer good nutrition and so forth and I'm curious how they're going to work that together.