June 26th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Another Early Day

When I got offline yesterday, I read the last half of Wednesday's paper, all of Thursday's paper, and half of Friday's paper. I went to get the mail and my check was there. Then I watched the two shows I'd recorded and then moved on to A&E's repeats of Criminal Minds. Again, I went to bed after the weather and was set up to read at midnight, but I had to stop at 12:20am. I managed a chapter, but had to keep rereading bits of it. I was asleep before 12:30am.

I had the alarm set for 8am so I could go deposit the check, but I woke up and thought "it should be 8am" and when I looked, it was 7:57am, which is pretty good. I dressed and headed out to the credit union to find out they don't open until 9am. So, yes, I got another McDonald's breakfast. Afterwards, I realized I should have checked to see how Burger King's breakfast is these days, but I don't expect to be out that early again for a long time. After eating, I went back to the credit union drive-in and was a few minutes early. There were people in the other two aisles before the shade was opened, but mine was processed first. I went around the end of the building and got money from the ATM and headed home.

It was 9:30am, and I tried to sleep, but I hurt too much. I figured if I got up and got pain meds at that point, the cats would insist that I get up, so I did that. After getting us settled in, I put in laundry, paid bills, and am reading/posting.

Charlie Stross' new book The Fuller Memorandum is showing at #1 for Books > Science Fiction on the UK Amazon!
20111112, Marilee

TV Notes

Some interesting things on TV last night:

I watched the premiere of Memphis Beat, on TNT, and it was pretty good. At the beginning, they get a new boss (Alfre Woodard) who tells them to get rid of a fiberglass woman's torso lampbase that lights up the nipples. When I started the last job, I was the only woman on the professional staff and I made my guys take down porn from their walls. I felt strongly related to Woodard's character.

The afternoon news on the local NBC station covered the beginning of AnthroCon (Furries) and I don't know if this came from the teleprompter or his brain, but the anchor said ~I'm sure glad I don't know anybody there~ or something similar.

On one of the Criminal Minds, Morgan teases Reid about being up late by offering suggestions. He gets to saying that Reid had stayed up all night to watch Star Trek and point out the errors. Reid says, very seriously, that there aren't really that many errors... and Morgan backs away.

And on the other of the Criminal Minds, I saw a vacant builder's house and realized it was that house that caused a series of dreams a while back. I never connected the show to the dreams before.