June 20th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Clean Dryer Vent!

They had to do mine from inside and out because it was so clogged, but they hadn't brought a ladder big enough to reach Luke's outside vent, even though I told the supervisor that it was nine feet taller than mine. They just vacuumed his from inside. I'm glad to have a safe vent now, though. One bit of fluff ended up in the leader's hair and I decided the other guy could tell him about it.

Junie and Loki have both come out (they haven't heard a vacuum cleaner since they moved in), but Spirit is still tucked up tight behind the recliner. When I came back out here to turn the thermostat down before I turned the light off last night, I saw a bump on the back of the recliner. Yes, it was Spirit. She stayed up there while I had to get up from the recliner last night, too.

I didn't get much sleep last night so I will definitely take a nap when I finish here.

A batch of dogs go to work with their congresspeople. Look at the pictures!

Yesterday's WashPost On Faith section was about how Southern Baptist chaplains are against don't ask, don't tell. They have the most chaplains in the military and think things should go their way.