June 18th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

A Day of Strange Medicine and Sleeping

A nurse I don't know called me before 7am to ask me if my CO2 is usually low. I told her, sure -- 18, 20 -- and she said mine from Wednesday was 13. I told her it hadn't been that low for a while and she put me on hold (nice jazz arrangement of "Lonely"). When she came back, she said I needed to be at Kaiser by 8:30am when it opened, do stat labs, and see my primary.

I'd gone to sleep at 4am, so I'd had only three hours of sleep; I'd taken the narcotic at 2:30am, so 4.5 hours and I'm not really supposed to drive then. Maybe I should have insisted on staying home until the afternoon, but I didn't. I drove through the post office parking lot to drop a DVD off and got to the clinic about 10 minutes before they opened. I'd brought a small tote bag with the WashPost and my reading glasses and started reading in the car.

I was the first to check into the lab and then I went across the way to wait the hour until the lab was done. I read all the paper before my primary's clinical assistant called me in, and the primary was very unhappy. The lab was normal and even if it hadn't been, CO2 can be brought back to the right level with OTC bicarbonate. So she had her CA call the desk and tell them to give me my co-pay back. I felt a little silly, but it really was an odd thing to have me do.

I got home about 11am and planned to sleep in the recliner with Spirit, but when I was taking my shoes off on the bed, it just looked really attractive and I took everything else off and slept until about 6pm.

I'm sleepy again now and may nap partway through reading LJ & ML.

Loki just smacked Junie. Junie is in a box behind me and she tried to smack Loki when he went by and since she was in the box, he leaned over and smacked her several times. There was yelling, and Spirit, who had been sitting on the bottom shelf of the end table, but not in her bed, dashed into her bed. She sat up on the back of the recliner again last night.

The dryer vent guy finally called and said they couldn't come yesterday and we agreed on after 2pm on Sunday (Father's Day and Luke will be at church and dinner with his daughter and her family). We'll see what happens.
20111112, Marilee

Four Brothers

I hadn't realized this had so much violence and foul language. A woman who had adopted four boys -- two white, two black -- was killed and they were sure it was on purpose. In the process of finding out who wanted her dead and why, they killed and damaged a lot of other people.