June 16th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Much Sleep

After getting offline yesterday, I read the paper and was so sleepy that I went to bed without watching my recording of L&O:CI. I had the light off at 4am but then my stomach growled and I got up and zapped the tortilla and cheese thing. I was awake every two hours until noon, not long enough to matter, but I don't know why, and when I was awake right before noon, I changed the alarm to 1pm. But I woke up at 2:25pm with the alarm turned off. I don't remember turning it off.

I took the trash and recycling out then got four-week labs. Kaiser closes at 5pm, so I got money from the ATM and a box from the UPS store on the way home. The big box that Junie was using was taking up the entire living room floor (it's a small condo) and I moved it to the workroom to take to cardboard recycling when I have a bit more, so she's been trying to get into the washcloth box and she doesn't fit. UPS doesn't have quite the right size, but I can cut the top down. In fact, it's marked to be folded and cut. I've been up too much today, so I didn't bring it in from the back of the van, but I can get it tomorrow.

The WashPost Health/Science section yesterday had an article about Medicare Advantage plans. It said that all the Medicare Advantage plans in the DC area have stars, but people don't seem to know that. They said there were no five-star plans here, "but if seniors in the Washington area search for a four-star plan, they'll discover that only one insurer, Kaiser Permanente, now offers options with that rating." I hope that means Kaiser won't lose too much money because the Health Reform plan wants to take money away from Medicare Advantage plans.