June 13th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Slept All Night and Most of the Day

When I got offline yesterday, I watched TV and beaded. I read the paper and went to bed. I finished the book about half-an-hour later than I'd planned to sleep, so I reset the alarm to 2pm. I slept until it went off. Either Junie didn't bother me or I didn't notice her.

I was still sleepy when I got up and had a headache, so I took some acetaminophen and after I fed the cats, I marked the TV Week, gave Spirit her pill, and then, at 3pm, went to sleep in the recliner. Spirit started out under but at some point got up on top. I woke up at 6:45 so about 3.5 hours. I hope that's all the extra sleep I need, after the two nights without much sleep.

I misarranged the weather & week -- it's today and tomorrow that's the 90s -- so I only have to move most things one day down. I got up so late that washing sheets has been moved to tomorrow, too.

I posted about Alvin Greene yesterday, and today S.C. Democrats are wondering how an unemployed man living with his father got the $10,400 filing fee. By the end of the article, Greene said he'd saved the money from the Army, and then asked if he could get paid for the interview. I dunno, it seems unlikely he saved the money. I'm beginning to think that the Republicans got him to run and then their folk to vote so the Democratic nominee was this guy.

Lawyers value their time, and brooks have shallow pockets. That's from an op-ed by a lawyer who's representing a sea lion. You see, the Fisheries department are allowed to shoot people who fish at the bottom of a dam, to get salmon. They have already shot six sea lions, who only eat 4% of the salmon, and haven't shot any humans who take much more. The lawyer, Christopher Stone, is trying to get non-humans as plaintiffs in court.