June 7th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Feels Like Spring!

Which it hasn't felt like for quite a while. Last night I watched the Season Two Premiere of Drop Dead Diva, which I really like. I got the big Sunday paper read, and read in bed again, but Junie was once again mean to Loki. I woke up about 8am with a lot of pain in my left side, so I got some acetaminophen and slept a couple extra hours until 2pm.

I must have had my bad ear up because when I brought the paper in, there was a UPS sticker on the door. I'll have to be up and dressed by 10am tomorrow in order to get the washclothes. I did the grocery shopping and got three scallops (wild caught on sale) -- they were more than 50mg, but they also have water in them, so I think it's okay. I'll have them tonight, since it's not good to keep raw seafood in the fridge for very long.

All of my left side from thigh down hurts, so I'm going to take some acetaminophen and take a nap. I'll come back to read later.