June 5th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Sleep and Stars

Spirit and I slept 2.5 hours after I made my LJ posts yesterday -- she got out from under partway through and came back to sit on top -- that always wakes me up a bit so I know where she goes. Back to the computer and reading LJ and ML, I had Stargate Universe recorded. I hadn't seen it in a long time and I wondered if I'd like it better than I had. After I got offline, I read some of the paper until the show finished and then I watched that. I still don't like it very much, and it's still very dark (lighting). The show is meant for younger people. Then I finished the paper and went to bed.

Junie came to be petted while I was reading, which I did, but when I turned the light off to sleep, Loki came and she kept trying to kill him. She kept me awake about two hours after I'd planned to sleep, so I turned off the alarm. I woke up after seven hours, so may need a nap today to catch up.

When I came out to feed the cats, Spirit's bed was in an odd place so I pulled it out and saw she'd spit up on it. I put a towel down and ran the bed through the washer & dryer and then assembled it again. She's curled up sleeping in it now.

A local county, Arlington, is putting up four red-light cameras and people are complaining that it's to make money. Instead, a study in other local counties with red-light cameras shows that rear-end crashes did increase by 27 percent when cameras were used, but crashes in which a car ran a red light and struck another vehicle at an angle decreased by 42 percent.