May 25th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Loki Felt Guilty

Loki felt guilty yesterday. You know how some male cats will "cover" by banging on a wall? Loki bangs on the lower level of the air handler. Yesterday, right after he'd banged, a little clicking sound started. He came to me and looked unhappy and he kept coming and coming. I was writing something and told him I'd check it in a few minutes and it would be sooner if he didn't come looking guilty.

I followed my ear and yes, it was the bottom of the air handler. I rested my hand on a part that extends so I could bend over and that immediately stopped it. Then Loki went to sleep on the couch.

I took a second narcotic about 5am but was still awake at 6am and had already finished the book. I came out to see if the paper was here yet and it was, so I had a toasted cheese sandwich and water and read the front pages of the sections. By then it was 7am and I decided to boot up the computer to find out when the Giant opens so I could go get groceries, but I remembered that considering the time of the second narcotic, I couldn't drive until noon anyway.

I decided to do the review so I could take the book back to the library when I got out. Then I went to rest in the bed for a while before I took a shower. I normally shower pretty much right after I get up and I still sometimes have to get out and rest on the bed, so I was resting and went right to sleep. I woke up at 5pm.

I took the book to the library and got groceries and then came home to be online for a bit. I started being really sleepy about 8pm and set the machines to watch TV. Spirit and I slept about three hours in the recliner.

Tonight I'm going to try two things and if they don't work, I'm going to push hard to move forward to going to sleep and getting up. I didn't really have a lot of pain after the first narcotic took effect, but my leg muscles were kind of buzzing, so I'll have more flexeril tonight, which is allowable. I'm also going to eat something sandwich/toast-like before I go to bed to read. Both days I was really sleepy about 90 minutes after I ate. I don't eat very much, and certainly not early in the morning, so maybe that will make a difference.
20111112, Marilee

More Spiritish

As soon as I finished on the computer very early this morning and went to put on my robe and so forth, she stayed on the computer. When I got back and sat in the recliner, she came across and tried to disembowel Mr. Gator before she jumped up to sit on me. She hasn't played with him for a long time!

The flexeril and sandwich worked well for me to get to sleep at a planned time, but it helps to have the planned time at a useful one. I watched the shows that were recorded last night and read the paper by which time it was 6am. I had the sandwich and figured I'd read* in bed until 8am. I set the alarm for 2pm, knowing it was only six hours of sleep. I did go right to sleep when I turned out the light and I woke up when the alarm went off, but by 5:30pm, Spirit and I were asleep in the recliner for two hours. I have things being recorded now, but I won't watch them all tonight. I'm going to try to get to bed earlier.

*This is a new book (2001) from an author whose older books I have. This one was amazingly boring and I only got 21 pages read in 90 minutes because I kept thinking of other things. I'm going to try one of the older books and see if it's me or her.

The Sunday WashPost had an interesting article about how companies can still discriminate about how someone looks. If you're heavy or scarred or walk with a limp, you're likely to make less money than people with your skills and knowledge, and fewer raises.

Robert Wone, a lawyer, stayed with a friend and his family (two other guys) in DC in 2006 when he had to stay late at work. A few hours later, a neighbor heard a scream and one of the guys called 911. When the EMTs and detectives arrived, they found a very strange bedroom. Wone was stabbed a number of times, but there was no blood. He had clearly been bound, and semen was found on him. Nothing was taken from the house and the family had just showered.

The detectives don't have quite enough evidence to charge one or more of the family (although there's definitely something that gives you an idea) with murder, so they're now being charged with tampering with evidence, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. The family says that the detective charged them because they're gay, but nobody in the LGBT community agrees. Plus, the detective arrested them; it's the prosecutors who charged them.

The trial has started and has been fascinating so far.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, had an op-ed in the WashPost yesterday about how they'll be sure to take care of your privacy.