May 16th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

I Thought....

... last night that maybe my left hand would hurt less if I cut it off. From the wrist up to the fingers, everything hurt. I ended up taking more narcotics (and eating that zapped tortilla-cheese thing) and read a bit more and finished the book I was reading. I got to sleep at 7am and when the alarm went off at noon, I didn't hear it for 12 minutes. In fact, I didn't hear it until Junie became very enthusiastic in waking me up and I rolled over. I told her I needed to sleep more and got up at 3pm.

I still have a lot of pain in the end left forefinger joint.

I'm taking bits of time to work on washing the litterboxes -- I'm leaving Loki's or Junie's litterbox out while I work on the other. I've wanted to do this for almost a week and it's just been too much.

I forgot to say yesterday that we had a storm on Friday with 2" hail and tornado warnings. Junie dashed for the bedroom as soon as the first piece of hail hit, Loki lasted about a minute longer, and Spirit just curled up tight in her bed.
20111112, Marilee

Promised Land by Connie Willis and Cynthia Felice

Three first things: 1) This could be a Hallmark Movie with a dusting of SF, b) there's a lot of minor inconsistencies, III) the resolution of a major problem is obvious from the beginning of the book.

Delanna lands on Keramos where she lived until she was five. Her mother sent her to a fancy school on another planet and now that the mother has died, she's come to claim her estate, sell it, and go have fun.

It turns out that the planet has laws that, to sum up, have married her to Sonny, a Neanderthal, from her point of view. They have to travel a long distance in little solarises (teardrop-shaped solar-powered vehicles) and it turns out Delanna (who is a pretty redhead) knows how to use the new predictive travel software. The guy who owns the software and is trying to get Delanna is also the caravan leader. Delanna brought a scarab (not a bug) pet along and Sonny saved it from Doc Lyle who would have killed it for not being native. She thinks the caravan leader has done a lot of the good things for her, but it turns out to be Sonny.

They arrive at their land and Sonny's three brothers meet her and keep working on the land. She keeps trying to help, but they tell her not to. After some unfinished sentences, she thinks her mother used all the profit to send her tuition and money for fancy clothes. Her mother's journals show that and she wants to help even more.

Then a storm comes and Doc Lyle shows up, wanting to kill the scarab. You can probably figure out the rest, but I'll leave it out, in case you want to read the book.

I liked it, but it was absolutely predictable, with generally good writing.