May 15th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

New Sleep Setup

I went to bookgroup but was feeling sufficiently nauseeated that I didn't go to the dinner. When I got home I scooped the litterboxes and fed the cats, and then slept in the recliner for three hours. Spirit started out sprawled over my stomach under the duvet and Loki curled up at the bottom of the recliner foot between my lower legs. He hasn't done that for a long time. They both got up and slept in their regular places before I woke up.

I really need to find something I can eat.
20111112, Marilee

Phylogenesis by Alan Dean Foster

This was okay, and was another book where there wasn't enough so I read it quickly, took notes, and took it back to the library.

A mean human and mean alien meet in a rain forest and after some travel they both give themselves up to save the other.

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Phylogenesis by Alan Dean Foster

Has words with exclamation points -- !ccoerk sante!!m

thranx - intelligent beings that look a lot like an ant. They live in hives but can leave and be alone.

time-parts, why weird when so little else is?

9 Foster says in book that thranx don't have human eyelids, but no mention of humans yet.

AAnn - intelligent reptilian beings

Desvendapur = thranx protagonist, poet

Cheelo Montoya = human protagonist, drunk

21 - "third level soother for a communications processing division" -- poets are soothers.

Des asks for job near Geswitz because of rumor of humans there. He gets a job in Honydrop and takes a trip to Geswitz and is told the humans are just up-valley.

He sets the flyer to another route and goes to the human place. When he finds out Melnibicon had died when the flyer hit the mountains, he had some small regrets. He also found out he was considered dead, as well. He makes a new name - Dasvenbapur - which is not used in the book unless someone talks to him -- and other ID and credit.

The thranx believe that since humans are afraid of bugs, they're afraid of thrnax.

Montoya is in Golfiti and meets with a man who will let him have a franchise as long as he has down payment.

Des takes food to humans, finds himself outside in snow accidently and human Niles saves him.

Des keeps applying to work on a bigger human colony and gets assigned to one on Hivehom (wouldn't HH already have that kind of staff?) Turns out they're going to Earth (Amazon basin)

Montoya mugs tourists in San Jose to get his money and accidently killed the male and ran to Lima and then the Amazon basin to hide.

131 - gain low ground

Des lands on Earth/Amazon, sees real dogs, and is stuck on food prep & doesn't see any humans

Montoya has tent in Amazon and army ants go through and bite him. He goes into teh water and ten gets the bodies off. Has to use a tweezer to get the heads off. He travels to a place where there's an abandoned fruit orchard and is happy, but must go on. The boat runs on automav until it runs into a otter and the family tried to kill him. He shot above their heads and they left, but one last one grabbed him on the back and they both went into the river. Montoya grabs his pack, but when he's done with the otter, the boat is still on autonav, going upstream and he's upset he was so lazy.

Since all of Montoya's fancy camping equipment is gone, he has to start walking out by himself. He sees an eagle-shaped drone and hides.

154 - his face splashed all around the planet because of one killing?

Montoya hides from two camo-painted skimmers and decides they must be criminals. He's happy for his bug repeller because he despises bugs.

Des stores food, makes the computer look like he's somewhere else, and gets up an air pump -- almost dying by falling back down, but he makes it out. Des writes poetry like crazy, sleeps in exhaustion and gets a fer-de-lance try to bite him. Thanx & humans eat different plants. Des is out for days -- more and more poetry -- and he meets a jaguar that takes a bite from him while he cuts the jaguar with a kitchen knife.

178 - "other-than-light travel"

Montoya is in a tree for bed when Des shows up. He realizes Des is intelligent and then remembers news about the thranx. A fruit drops accidently and Des sees it and looks up. He asks not to be exposed, which Montoya wants, too. Montoya pulls out his pistol. Des asks if Montoya is a ranger and when they determine neither of them are, they relax. .Montoya is worried when Des uses the scr!ber.

Des vomits when Montoya eats fish (intelligent animals) and Des tells Montoya about the poetry. They agree to be secret and Montoya to leave and Des asks to go along. They threaten to expose eacth other and Montoya threatens to kill Des, but they go after they discuss smells (Montoya is putrid to Des and Des is floral to Montoya). Montoya eats again and Des writes more poetry about it. Montoya wants to watch the performance and it flabbergasted with how wonderful it is, even though he doesn't know any of the words, and Des gets two batches of poetry out of Montoya's reaction.

Montoya wakes and touches Des, scaring him awake. They compare bodies and skills/skeletons. Des wants more anger from Montoya to write a great poem and challenges him to a fight with a big throw into the river at the end. They fight each other in a number of ways and Montoya throws Des into the stream. Montoya doesn't know why Des isn't getting out of the water until he sees that the breathing modules are under water. Montoya jumps in to rescue Des.

As they walk, Des & Montoya compare bodies again. Montoya realizes that he's not scared of Des anymore and that intelligence is the big difference.

The AAnn natter on about getting humans to be their slaves.

An anaconda bites Des and breaks one of his legs. Montoya considers leaving him, but in the end, shoots the snake. After fixing the damage and putting splint in, Des asks why Montoya is lying about what he does and asks what he really does.

Jhy goes to visit Des but nobody has heard of him. She asks a superior to help her open his room and it's empty. She gets sent to the thranx interrogation room. Jhy finds out about Des and how he has lied all along. The leaders have found that Des killed Mel, and now they really want to find him and know why he killed her.

247 - "what in the name of the lowest-level of the supreme hive was going on"

Des & Montoya hear the eagle drone and hide. Montoya explains what he thinks and Des tells that it is probably looking for him because he's not supposed to be there. Montoya said he would not let himself be killed. Des asks to stay with him one more day and they agree and travel. They run into a poacher camp and the poachers catch them. Montoya convinces them that Des talks only by gestures and they would want to sell Des to a collector and him as well.

They're taken to the poachers' house high in the Andes and have to set humidity and temperature to suit Des. Des gets to check out food and he thinks if he talks then Montoya will be killed and he'll still be sold to slavery. While the poachers are eating dinner, Des takes a rifle and points it at them. Molntoya is freed and takes the gun. Montoya wants to drop Des off in the Amazon and go to Golfito, but Des wants to come with him.

Maruco jumps Montoya and Hapec is acciodently shot. Maruco gets in the way and is also shot. Des and Montoya throw the bodies over the edge and clean up the garage. Montoya wants to walk back down to the Amazon, but Des is already too cold. They wrap him in blankets as much as they can and go. Des gets too cold and can't move and Montoya carries him. They stop at night and Des eats and teaches Montoya some thranx gestures. Des dies overnight surprising Montoya. Montoya accidently tears one of Des' arms off and plans to go on to the Amazon, but turns back.

Reporter Shannon interviews Montoya. She finds the pack with the scr!ber and limg, and more reporters from her company come. They agree to Montoya's requirements -- he doesn't go to jail, he gets lots of money, and the scr!ber gets translated and disseminated.

When humans find out there was a thrnax colony on Earth about 20-40 years too early, they have to make quick decisions of agreement. Montoya dies before he should, but he was famous.