May 14th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Phone Calls

After I got offline last night I thought I'd finish the paper, watch "CSI," and then some of the shows I have recorded. However, a few minutes before eight I couldn't stay awake and Spirit and I slept in the recliner until just after eleven. (I'd had the machine watch "CSI" and the news.)

So while I played the news, I finished the rest of the paper, and then decided to watch two of the the recorded shows. I went to bed and finished a book and planned to go to sleep. That didn't work. So after an hour, I picked up the next book and started reading that. After an hour I was very sleepy; I put the book away and went to sleep about 7:30am.

Normally, I'll go weeks without my phone ringing, but I've had five phone calls today. The first was at 9:30am from the Kaiser imaging center to give me the info on where to get the bone scan and I expected that. The second, at 10:30am, was someone who said they worked for Dr. K/Cola and could they speak to Ben. I said I didn't know either of them and she asked if there was either a Ben or a Joesph here and I said no. I wondered if she was someone playing a game and missed the last name -- Cola, Ben, Jerry. The third, at 11:30am, was somebody representing the National Automotive Dealers Association and I just hung up. The fourth at 12:30pm was my psych, saying I should increase the Welbutrin I take five hours after the other two, and I expected his call, too. And then I got an automated call about 4:30pm from ServiceMagic who wanted to know how the maid service was going. I've told them before that it isn't because I had that big plumber bill this month.

I actually got up about 3:30pm and the cats got fed about 4pm. They thoght they should have the dry food at about 5pm, and I'm going to get it for them when I finish this post.
20111112, Marilee

Jupiter by Ben Bova

When I read the first two sentences, I knew I'd read this book before. I decided to head on and read as long as I wasn't really bored (I have three more Bova's somewhere in the to-read piles).

The world has been taken over by organizations that pretend to be religious but are really political. Grant Archer is a Believer, but not a Zealot or part of the New Morality. He's married and ready to work on his astrophysical thesis on the moon colonies when an upper member of the New Morality sends him to Station Gold that's orbiting Jupiter to spy on the staff.

He was very upset when he got there, but finds out that they have a secret mission -- a ship went into Jupiter's ocean earlier and saw creatures that looked intelligent, but they had to come back with damaged crew -- and the second mission is getting ready to go.

At the last minute, Grant is put on the mission and they do find intelligent creatures that communicate with colored images on their sides. The crew were dying in the ocean and one of the mammoths put the spaceship on its back and lifted it up. Grant was able to run the thrusters just long enough to get into space where mission control could bring them in to Gold.

He has the other conscious crew member send a message that contains every bit of data they found so far out that it got to every human in the system. This angered his New Morality guy, whose ship was approaching the station, and a compromise is reached -- Grant will continue the Jovian studies, but won't have any communcation -- and breached with another staff member sending Grant's communications to his wife.

Bova quotes, without noting it's a quote, "Every Breath You Take" from Police.

This one is going to the library tomorrow -- I expect none of the bookgroup will want it so it will go to the Friends of the Library to sell.