May 13th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

The Ophtalhmologist

Last night I ran the dishwasher and put Loki & Junie's dish in. I just dumped the dry food that had been in it on the floor. When Junie went in, she headed for it and ate. Loki stopped at the kitchen entrance and sat down. He advanced a bit and sat down again. He crept forward and then carefully tasted one of the pieces, and then he actually ate. I didn't know he was so worried about change.

Loki usually lies on one side or the other in bed and I thought I was getting his back, too, when I used the furminator, but he sat like a sphinx last night and there were some proto-mats. I was able to comb out all but two that were on the same spots that the biggest original mats were. I had to cut those and then comb; I'll try to get him to let me look at his back more often.

I hurt a lot again today and when I got to the center (early, because I knew this might happen), I had to wait in the garage for about 15 minutes until I could get a parking space that I could walk from. All six handicapped spots were full the entire time I was there.

For years now, my eye pressure has been very close to having glaucoma. I actually had glaucoma with the first renal failure because of a med I had to take, and then it went down, but just under the top of the acceptable range. So today it was in the middle of the range, and that turns out to be because of the atenolol, the BP med I got after the norvasc made my feet so swollen. Atenolol is in the same class that they use to lower pressure when people have glaucoma.

Everything else is fine, except that my sight is so bad. In six months, I get Visual Fields and a dilating appointment.

When I got home I called to set up the bone scan and there's two problems: the beds have a 300 pound maximum, and the vans have stairs. So I'll be called soon for what they'll do. The last time they just referred me out to the local hospital.