May 11th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Cat Claws

I noticed Monday that I had some cat scratches on my upper left arm and they looked pretty recent. I couldn't remember where they came from, though. Then when I started arranging the pillows to read last night, I found a bit of blood and I was trying to figure out where I was bleeding up there, but then I matched the blood on the pillowcase to the scratches on my arm. I think Loki must have aimed wrong when he jumped over me to sleep.

It's rainy and in the 50s today and maybe up to the 80s tomorrow. I got kitty litter, but no snackies because they were out of the kind the cats like. If it looks like we'll be running out before next Monday, I'll go to PetSmart.

My favorite museum had a UPS truck run into it last night. The truck was going the wrong direction on the street and crashed through the barriers and then into the Hirshhorn. Fortunately, the sculpture garden and most of the museum were fine; just one window was broken. The police checked briefly for explosives before they got the driver out and then the experts checked every package.

US cancer costs have doubled in almost 20 years, but it turns out it's not the meds -- it's more cancer. That makes me think maybe we should start looking at chemicals a bit closer.