May 8th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Odd Day

Yesterday, the plumber found the pipe here was an uncommon size, so he didn't finish until 8:30pm, but the toilet is very stable now.

Today the roving censer guy knocked on my door at 11am. I was surprised he was still there when I got to the door. He said he'd been to two of my neighbors four times and still hadn't gotten an answer from them. I asked if he'd been there recently because their cars were home and he said yes. So I told him there were just one in each condo.

The cats decided that if I was up at all, I should be up permanently, and I really needed a couple more hours (the alarm was set for 1pm). I finally got a bit of sleep about 2pm and got up at 3:30pm.

I headed off to the library because I'd found an error in the new database system and I took a book I'd read with me. In that section of the city, there's a fairly long road (Mathis) with retail along it that parallels the big road, route 28. There's short streets between 28 and Mathis and on one was a fire engine. I saw more engines heading for the fire and when I came out from the library, about 10 minutes later, the traffic had just about paralyzed. There were police directing traffic to get it through as much as possible, and a lot of people turned off 28 to Mathis only to find it just as crowded. When I passed the place with all the fire engines, I saw that it was an auto showroom and they had two of the high ladders raised to work on it. Directly across Mathis, people had pulled off and parked in the shopping center to watch.

The librarian didn't know or recognize me, so when I told her about the problem, she told me it wasn't possible and then made it work with her software. I asked her to go out to the web and what do you know, I was right! I hope it's an individual problem because if it's systemic, it'll take a while to fix the database and what's in it.

When I got home, I did the things I do before LJ and got sleepier and sleepier and spent about three hours in the recliner with Spirit.

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Remember the Hutaree Militia and how a judge said they were allowed to have hateful speech and set them free? A three-judge panel sent them back to jail. (third item)

Would you like to get a form showing you're a loyal supporter, a staunch ally and a good friend to the Bushes? Well, spend at least $50!

I'm sure most of you have heard of the murder of a female lacrosse player at UVA by a male lacrosse player. The more we learn about him, the more violence we see. One of the sports columnists at the WashPost asks if male athletes are allowed this sexual violence and points out other athletes as well as other male groups like some military. (I remember all those years ago when female Naval officers and staff were treated so poorly at a conference that the Navy and other groups made big changes in their rules.)

The WashPost had a striking article following three oilmen from the time of the explosion to about an hour later. It grabs your heart and mind.

I've talked before about how the county around my city had a law a lot like Arizona's new immigration law. The WashPost had an article on how badly that went for the county, including "The county paid $1 million to mow the lawns of people leaving the county."

Virginia's Attorney General is very conservative, so conservative that he's wasting a giant amount of money trying to prove humans aren't part of global warming. He wants UVA to give him all the emails and documents from Michael Mann and his work.
20111112, Marilee

Sweethearts of Rhythm by Marilyn Nelson and Jerry Pinkney

Marilyn Nelson is the poet and Jerry Pinkney is the artist. The book is meant for children grade four or higher, and maybe that was my problem.

The book follows The Sweethearts of Rhythm during the second world war, in poetry. Each poem's title was the name of a swing tune and the poems were from the viewpoint of the instrument played. The art looked layered and collaged, and I found out in the artist's note at the end that that was how it was done, but it didn't do much for me.

There is a history at the back, including a picture, that actually tells you more about what happened to the girls during that time and more about the history. I think even fourth-graders would probably like that part first and then the poems and art.