May 1st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

More Hankies!

It's about time to change to kleenex because I can't wash the hankies fast enough.

Tbe kitties hate the Wellness food, and only one has pooped since I put it out, and that poop is closer to normal. I'm supposed to keep giving them the regular wet food in the morning, and the Wellness in the evening for a couple more days. But I can't tell if that's helping if they aren't pooping.

I've seen a group of little girls running around and playing for several years. One has always been a bit plump and now that they're tweens, she's not with the old group, but with a younger group.

The center of the Virginia seal has always been the goddess Virtus, and for a long time with one breast exposed. Now our AG has decided she needs to be more modest.

One of the WashPost's columnists has an article on a woman, Sue Lowden, who wants to run as Republican for Nevada Senator. She believes you should barter for your medical care.

The first oil-covered bird, a northern gannet (usually white, now black) has been cleaned with the Dawn blue dish soap.