April 24th, 2010

20111112, Marilee


We'll have rain for the next few days and be chillier than recently. Just like April.

I needed to eat more yesterday, but everything made me nauseated when I thought about it. Then much later, when I was reading in bed, my stomach growled and I got up and made another tortilla-and-shredded-cheese microwave meal. I'll have to get more of those, since they seem to do well late at night.

I'm paying more attention to my temperature and while I was in the recliner last evening, my hands and feet were cold. The next time I got up, I increased the temp to 72, and that kept me from being cold. Then I woke up partway through the night way too hot and turned the coolth on to 70 and that worked, too. I turned it back to 72 when I got up today. I could set it to do things at specific times, but I'm not that specific at getting up and going to bed.

After sleeping in the crenellations for so long, Junie is now sleeping in the castle, which makes a lot of sense. The castle has the same outside dimensions, but there isn't a post with another platform at one end. I wonder if she stayed outside for so long to be sure she could get away.

When I finished eating early this morning, I carried Spirit into the kitchen with me. She made a startled noise and I let her down on the floor. She turned around and around until she found the doorway and then crossed over the hall and ran her nose into the triangular end table. She was able to find her bed from there, but looked at me as if I was being mean. I guess she's more blind than I expected.

Loki still tries to sleep as close to me as he can, no matter where I am. A couple times a week I get a chance to use the furminator and get extra fur off, but he's never come near to mats again. I haven't been able to cut his claws and I should try again.