April 20th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Loki is Surprised Twice

I went to Kaiser today to give nine tubes of labs and ended up arguing with the new phlebotomist. She thought she could cancel all the duplicates between the two doctors, and they had those duplicates so they'd both get notice of the results. I had to look back in and have someone else come explain. And then when we got the labels, about half were wrong. I hate telling the new staff that they need someone else to show them how to do it, because they're supposed to be trained, but my labs are unusual.

As soon as I got home, one of my neighbors stopped by with a bowl of fruit -- she buys them once a week from Edible Arrangements for her and her sisters and forgot her sisters were gone, so she gave it to me. I said Thanks! and put the bowl on the table next to the desk. Loki jumped up, wanting food, and sat back. What was that container with colored things? He moved closer, eventually leaned in a couple times and sniffed, and then watched it from the half-wall.

An old paperback I bought came today and it had been wrapped in clingwrap. I took it off and wadded it up and put it on the table, which made Loki's eyes get big as the clingwrap did. Poor guy, two new things in a day!